Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I have got acquainted with GINTS BUDE FASHION MODEL STUDIO and the other side of the fashion industry during the school time, when I was dreaming about a career on a stage but still haven’t defined if it will be the model or singer career. I remember that the training was very intensive – we were doing defile and developing good posture, but in my opinion, the most valuable were lectures by GINTS BUDE about models work and the specificity of a show business, that made me to take off rose-colored glasses and to understand that nothing is so pretty and fluffy as it is on a magazine cover. GINTS gave a lot of useful advices and knowledge and now while working on a stage I often remember him – discipline, a lot of work with myself, no indulgence or levity is possible. If you want to chat or giggle – go home! Everywhere the order reigned – starting with putting your clothes on a hanger, finishing with posture and defile. That is why BUDE’s models are standing out from the crowd because of their willingness to work, professionalism, diligence and ability to concentrate, while realizing gravity and importance of their work! I am grateful to GINTS BUDE FASHION MODEL STUDIO for experience and knowledge I have gained there!!!

GINTS BUDE FASHION MODEL STUDIO graduate, lead vocalist of the most eccentric Latvian group of decade - TRIANA PARK. http://trianasparks.lv/en

Photo: publicity photo of TRIANA PARK.

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