Thursday, 12 May 2011


„I get joy from everything that I am doing, I really enjoy my work!”
How did you find GINTS BUDE FASHION HOUSE and decided to begin model career?
In the beginning it wasn’t my aim to work as a model. I went to GINTS BUDE FASHION HOUSE with my parents when I was 15, we studied an offer and I entered a studio to correct my walking, posture, to learn how to represent myself and so on. I was transferred to other training group after some months where girls already worked professionally. First shows and photo shoots started. I was 16 years old when I went to Milan for the first time to work as a model abroad. Since then I am working as in Latvia, as abroad.
What is your greatest achievement in fashion business by now?
It is hard to mention something particular, because I get joy from everything that I am doing, I really enjoying my work. I have been shot for such international magazines as MADAME FIGARO, L’OFFICIEL, MARIE CLAIRE and others. I have participated in VALENTINO perfume advertising video and in many others projects. Moreover I have repeatedly participated in Milan and Paris fashion weeks working as in prêt-a-porter, as in haute couture fashion shows. There are still a lot of things to do and to reach.
Maybe you have some plans and aims concerning fashion business?
I don’t have specific aims in my life. Every time it happens so that your plans are going ups and down and you have to start everything from the beginning. I allow things to occur how they occur, moreover aiming something specific and planning is near to impossible in this work. Situation is changing constantly, in most cases models don’t know where they will be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or after a month. At the moment I think that I will work in this business about two years. That is how I think today, but will I think this way tomorrow too? Time and situations are putting everything in the right order.
Model career requires hard work and a lot of time. Can you tell a bit about your free time outside the fashion life?
Everything that I do is my hobby – my life, my work. These are the things that I truly enjoy therefore I don’t even want to have a rest from work. When I do have some free time I try to meet all those people who I haven’t met for a long time. When I am having free time abroad, I extremely like reading books. It is possible to do while hairdresser makes your hair or in an airport. Also I like to draw and paint, if I have such possibility, to self-improve.
Very interesting fact about you as about personality is your diploma in Theology. Why have you chosen to study in the faculty of theology? Is knowledge you learnt while studying theology useful in models work?
The choice of theology was very spontaneous, it was based on only one thing – I was interested in it very much, besides, interested till now. I have never regretted my choice, both in connection of learning, and in connection of human relations. I don’t think to stop with only this diploma, there are many things and fields which seems extremely interesting to me. Certainly I will continue to study, but a little bit later. Sure that theology is useful while working as a model too, for instance, when you know a basis of Greek while working in Athens or a history of such kind of countries where events connected with religion were always very important.

Photographer: DK (DARREN KANE)
Style and hair: DIANA PAYTON

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