Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Comes the time when VIVIENNE WESTWOOD chooses you!

GINTS BUDE MODEL MANAGEMENT top model JELENA SALIKOVA was only 12 when she was noticed as a perspective fashion model. She was scouted by GINTS BUDE FASHION MODEL STUDIO representative who couldn’t even imagine that someday this girl will be chosen for a VIVIENNE WESTWOOD's show. „Actually, then I wasn’t sure that I would like to do something like that, but I decided just to try”, JELENA SALIKOVA remembers. As a result she has strengthened her self-confidence, confidence in self-abilities and beauty while „just trying”.

Recently also brit top designer VIVIENNE WESTWOOD trusted JELENA to demonstrate her latest collection (VIVIENNE WESTWOOD RED LABEL AW 2011-2012). "I am very happy and honoured because I had a chance to participate in WESTWOOD’s fashion show. My impression about her is as about vibrant, cheerful and sure that very charmy personality", JELENA SALIKOVA tells. Model was surprised that Brit designer’s clothes fitted her ideally: „Usually demand is for the models who are taller than 180 cm, but in VIVIENNE WESTWOOD case my 176 cm wasn’t a problem.”

JELENA SALIKOVA has already reached quite a lot in the fashion business, but it only makes her willing to work and get more. „I am going to work, work and work again!”, tells model about her nearest future plans.


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